Thursday, March 13, 2008

1245. A rope measurer and cutter from an old hardware store, the indicator shows how many feet of rope were pulled through it.

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1246. A bookbinder's lettering pallet:

1247. A barb wire lifter and carrier, the handles are positioned as in the drawing below, the tool grips the coil from the inside, allowing it to be lifted and carried by two men.

Similar to patent number 264,547.

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From Jack Devitt's collection

1248. A hanging clamp for a vertical file, it's used for holding large blueprints.

1249. A coal lifting device, used when adding coal to a fire, it protects the hand from flames and also from contact with the coal, patented in 1896, number 567,087.

1250. A mouse trap, the wire staple at the top goes under the latch near the back, which is connected to the bait tray, the wire on the arm near the front prevents the door from being opened by the mouse.

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